Drone photography – showcasing your property from above

The use of drones in capturing images for property marketing has become popular over recent years, and it’s easy to see why.

Aerial shots add a whole new perspective for potential buyers.

What are the advantages of providing an aerial view of a property?

Aerial views look very impressive, and are great for providing a sweeping view of the landscape surrounding a property.  Homes that may look plain at ground level can be invigorated using aerial shoots. Only views from above can help potential buyers to fully appreciate the size of your house and any outdoor space.

Why is it best to get a professional drone photographer to handle your drone photographs?

Flying a drone takes skill and practice, and there are a number of legal requirements. As a qualified drone pilot I am compliant with the Civil Aviation Authority’s requirements and also fully insured.

Take a look:





Using quality interior and exterior images coupled with aerial photography is a winning sales combination. To find out more or make a booking, get in touch.



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