Professional Property Photography – Why it works


You’ve probably heard it time and time again: an image is worth a thousand words, presentation matters, first impressions count, etc. There’s no denying that these sayings are very applicable to the real estate industry, but there are other reasons why professional property photography works.

The Power Of Visual Imagery

Human beings are highly visual, since our brain is wired to pick up and remember visual information above other types of data. Psychological studies have shown that photographs in particular are remembered for longer than any other kind of visual material. This is relevant to properties because other studies used eye tracking technology to prove that when looking at online property listings, over 95% of people looked at the featured photo first and for at least 20 seconds before moving onto other parts of the listing.

It’s part of the culture

We live in a digital era where consumers are used to being presented information visually, and appealing photographs give people the chance to interact with that information, for example by sharing it on social networks -many of which revolve around the concept of posting and sharing photos. But in the information age, where we are bombarded by constant visual feedback, only valuable visuals are worth sharing or remembering. This means that consumers are becoming increasingly selective. According to The Telegraph, 98% of home buyers go online to look for suitable listings and it only takes them seconds to come up with a shortlist.

Trust Issues

Poor-quality images where details are not 100% clear may give the impression that the seller is trying to hide flaws or defects. By contrast, having professional photos taken from different angles puts crucial information right in front of the eyes of prospective buyers, and can increase the feeling of trust on the real estate agent or seller.

More Choice

Written property descriptions tell the viewer which are the main selling points of a property, but these may not appeal to the buyer on a personal level. On the other hand, professional photos give prospective buyers freedom to focus on those elements of a house or room that are important to them. This can foster the feeling that they are making the choice, and put them on a more positive frame of mind when they arrange a viewing.

As you can see, there are many reasons why professional property photographs can go a long way grabbing the buyer’s interest, so let your property shine by using professional photos in your listing.


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