How to Prepare Your Home for a Professional Photography Shoot

Here are a few ways you can prepare your home ready for a professional photography shoot.

Preparation is key to ensuring the photographer can capture your property in its best possible light. Potential buyers need to imagine themselves living in your property. They need to be able to instantly visualise the potential of your home, with their furniture and belongings, and to imagine themselves living there. As with so many things, presentation is key.

Following these tips will help you to prepare and present your house to its best before the photo shoot:


1. Ensure that any unsightly wheelie bins are hidden from sight.

2. Let your neighbours know when the shoot is going to take place and ask them not to park directly in front of the house. If you have a driveway, leave it clear of all vehicles.

3. If you have children, tidy any garden toys away and dismantle any large equipment, such as a large trampoline.

4. It may seem obvious but don’t forget to make the most of your garden by mowing the lawn, pruning any large bushes or shrubs, and possibly investing in some attractive containers and planting them with flowers.

5. Brush any debris away from patios or decking areas. Clean the outside of all windows and the front door.


1. Give your home the clean of its life! Estate agents report that cleanliness is often overlooked by sellers and grubbiness never fails to give a poor impression. When you live in a home, it is very easy to simply not notice those grubby marks on the door frame and lime scale around the sink, so ask a friend or family member to cast an impartial eye over the property, and point out any areas that need attention. This is your chance to create a positive impression and an unkempt home is unlikely to impress a potential buyer.

2. Kitchens and bathrooms, in particular, need to be absolutely pristine. Tuck away any cleaning products, keep work surfaces clear of clutter and leave the toilet seat down!

3. De-clutter as many personal possessions as you can, putting large unused items into storage if possible. Hide any gym equipment, such as a treadmill or rowing machine. You want to create an impression of space, airiness, and clean sight-lines.

4. Clean all reflective surfaces – windows, mirrors, taps, glass table-tops – anything shiny should look polished, gleaming, and finger-print free.

5. Open curtains and blinds to let in plenty of natural light. Dust around any dado rails and get rid of any cobwebs that can often be found lurking in ceiling corners.

6. Turn on hall and landing lights to instantly maximise space in areas that are often dark and shadowy areas.

7. Think of your home as a stage set and accessorise accordingly. You could add extra cushions and throws to sofas and bedrooms. Why not lay the dining room table and buy some fresh flowers?

8. If you have a dog or a cat, try and hide any sign of their presence. Not everyone is an animal lover.

9. All beds should be tidily made with clean bed-linen and kept tidy and clutter-free.

10. For more ideas of how to market your home before a photo shoot, you could take inspiration from homes featured in interior magazines, or you could browse similar homes for sale on estate agents websites; it’s always a good idea to be aware of your direct competitors!


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