Selling homes – The importance of professional photography!

While it is certainly true that homeowners in the UK have more options today when it comes to selling their homes, evidence suggests that with very good reason the vast majority of us still prefer to use the services of an estate agent.

There have been a multitude of websites springing up in recent years to lure sellers away from the traditional estate agents, with the promise of saving thousands of their hard earned pounds in the process. It’s true that a lot of money can be saved, but as always with savings, they come at a cost. For their fee’s, estate agents bring to the table a wealth of experience, market knowledge, finely tuned negotiation skills and, crucially, intimate, invaluable experience in dealing with property chains which, as we all know, can be a nightmare for those unaccustomed to working with them.

Choosing to sell our homes privately might save us a small fortune, but just as likely, it could also cost a small fortune we weren’t expecting. There is no financial protection when we sell privately, nobody on the end of a phone for advice when we need it and you will need to very quickly learn to do everything that an estate agent does in order to manage the process effectively.

There is one other option available for those looking to sell their home fast, for cash. A number of companies exist which will buy and complete the sale very quickly, but this is not the way to achieve the best price on your property, because they will offer you an amount of immediate cash, at around 60 – 70% of the property value, so this option should only be used in extreme circumstances, and dismissed in any others.

Presenting your home to the market

There are a lot of aspects to think of in this regard, but one of the most important is how your house is presented when you advertise it. The first look any prospective buyer will have of the home will be in the photographs that are presented, be those online, or in an estate agents window.

High-quality photography is of the utmost importance. A few grainy or badly lit images taken on your mobile phone, or with a cheap camera just won’t cut it when compared to the competition which exists in the market.

The homes we own are our most valuable assets, and when it comes to selling those homes, regardless of whether you are an estate agent, property developer or private seller, the cost of using the services of a professional photographer to show your home in the best possible light is generally inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

Preparing the home for the photographer

As essential as professional photographs are, they will not work miracles. Before the photographer arrives, we need to make sure the property is as clean and tidy as possible. It’s prudent to take the time to ensure that excess furniture and belongings are stored outside of the home, wherever possible. Where required, walls should be given a fresh coat of paint and a thorough deep clean of every room should be carried out.


The photographer should be able to gain unhindered access to every room, including outbuildings.

How does all this help to sell your home?

Following this advice will allow your photographer to do his best work. To the seller, this means that you will receive the highest quality images, and those images will grab the attention of prospective buyers. Additionally, you will be creating a first impression for those prospective buyers which is going to be of a far higher standard than your competition, and ultimately doing this will help to sell the home for the highest possible price, in the quickest possible time. This in itself will save money, time, hassle and give a more stress-free selling experience.

The home buying market is one of the most fiercely competitive industries in the UK, and every seller needs to take every action possible to give them the very best chance of selling their home. This all starts with professional photographs, and failing to take account of how competitive a market this is in any sales strategy is likely to result in fewer enquiries, more time on the market, and increased cost to the seller.


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