Six ways to speed up the sale of your house

If you want to sell your home quickly, there are a number of ways to speed up the process.

You’ve placed your house on the market and now it’s time to sit back and wait for viewers and potential home buyers to snap up the property.

Or is it?

Here are six ways that could speed up the sale of your house:

1. Realistic pricing is key to making a quick sale of any property. If you haven’t researched prices for similar local homes, then perhaps you should check around and even view a few properties yourself, for comparison purposes. If you do think your home is under or overpriced get back in touch with your agent.

2. Decluttering the home seems an obvious activity that will assist in selling the property. It’s surprising how many vendors leave out this crucial step. Taking down photos, pictures and ornaments is one way to open up available space so potential buyers can imagine the house as if they were living in it.

3. Staging your home, or tailoring its appearance to best effect is an important aspect for any home seller. If you understand the types of buyer likely to be attracted to your property you can ensure it’s presented to best effect.

4. Brightening up the property with a fresh lick of paint, where needed, and moving large items of furniture into the garage or shed opens up rooms considerably and encourages viewers to focus upon the open space in the home. Naturally, your home should also be kept clean and tidy at all times so it appeals to the most discerning buyers.

5. You can attract more potential buyers to your home when you increase the kerb appeal of the property. Tidying the front garden, making sure the drive is kept clear and perhaps painting the front door or porch enhance the overall appearance of the house and increase sales opportunities.

6. Finally, investing in a full set of professional photographs of your home and garden allows potential buyers to get a real feel for the property before viewing. Check out the Gallery at Picture my Property if you’d like a peek at types of photos likely to speed your home sale.

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