Why you should insist on a professional property photographer when selling your home

You’ve made one of the most important decisions you are ever likely to make – to put your home on the market. You’ve carefully chosen your agent. You’ve decorated your home to showcase its best features. Everything is in place for a successful sale…or is it?

If your chosen agent does not invest in the services of a professional property photographer, you may find yourself left behind in today’s competitive property market.

Potential buyers often begin their search for suitable properties online. The traffic flowing to your listing on popular property websites will almost certainly lead to more traffic through your home for viewings, but only if the initial impression is positive.

Skillful listing descriptions written by estate agents to highlight the best aspects of properties for sale are often simply let down by uninviting photographs. This frequently overlooked aspect of the selling process is more important than one might realise, as poor photographs can ultimately result in fewer potential buyers clicking through to find out more about a particular property.

Commonly, estate agents will assure sellers that they are sufficiently skilled and experienced to handle property photography in-house. Regrettably, this can result in mediocre, low quality images attached to your listing that certainly do not make the best of the limited opportunities for getting noticed. When selling your home, the photographs attached to the listing tell such a large part of the overall story, so dark, gloomy or out of focus images should certainly not be included!

In contrast, professional property photographs stand out amongst masses of generic property listings, drawing buyers in for more information and a closer look. Professional photographs will subtly draw attention to the things that make each room special, while directing the focus away from problem areas. Considering this detail of your sale will raise your home’s listing above the rest, showing its true value to buyers and increasing potential for a favourable sale outcome.

So if you are searching for an estate agent to represent your property sale, it is worth requesting that they invest in a professional property photographer. As each property is different, it makes sense to engage a professional with the experience and expertise to firstly appreciate your home’s unique potential, and the knowledge and skills to then present it in the best possible light.


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